Hey there! My name’s Coach Nick, and I’m a full-time gymnastics coach based out of northern New Jersey. I coach all levels of recreational and competitive gymnastics, and have additional experience in the health and fitness, and mental health industries. You can hear more about my story and qualifications below.

I coach gymnastics because I have a strong love for the sport of gymnastics itself, as well as a strong love for making a positive, meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of those athletes that participate in it. I believe that gymnastics is an amazing sport that offers us the chance to teach gymnasts lessons that will serve them long beyond their competitive career.

Aside from coaching gymnastics in the gym, I spend countless hours researching how to help athletes cope with the pressures of life in and out of the gym, how to overcome their fears, and how to make positive movement toward their goals. It’s this mental and emotional side of gymnastics that many gymnasts and coaches miss out on. This leaves them with more frustration, and eventually that builds up and causes them to lose their love for gymnastics itself.

I coach full-time at Paramount Gymnastics in Hillsborough, New Jersey, coaching all levels of our USA Gymnastics development program teams, Xcel teams, and JOGA (Jersey Optional Gymnastics Association) teams, in addition to our pre-competitive development teams, recreational and pre-school classes.

My focus in coaching is on positivity and encouragement as a way to improve gymnastics performance, instead of emotional or physical abuse, degradation, or any number of unacceptable coaching methodologies.


  • Certified Master Mindset Coach – Transformation Academy
  • Certified Mindfulness Facilitator – MindfulnessEducators
  • Certified Meditation Teacher – Yogamu Academy
  • Trained Crisis Counselor – Crisis Text Line
  • Certified Master Trainer – International Sports Science Association
  • Certified Professional Hypnotist – International Certification Board for Clinical Hypnotherapists

You can always reach out to me by visiting the contact page and filling out the form. I respond to my emails pretty quickly, so don’t expect to wait long!